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Today the Webasto X100 Diesel Cooker got some serious testing done, and for a very good reason.

Back when I did purchase it, I didn’t really pay too much attention to the installation manual. Yes, I did read it from cover to cover but one important fact did managed to escape my attention. In the installation manual there is no mention in writing of this particular requirement but on page 16, Figure 21 does tell you a very specific limitation of this unit: the distance between the exhaust outlet from the cooker and the end of the exhaust must be not higher than 1.2 metre and a maximum length of 1.9 metre.

I couldn’t believe it! I had purchase a very expensive Diesel cooker that I couldn’t use, unless I wanted to have an exhaust right under the kitchen window.. No! There is no way that I was going to have to close the window every time I started to cook. Does this mean that the Webasto model X100 is designed only for small vehicle where the 1.2 metre drop is standard? It just didn’t make any sense.. After some good search online, it seem that the Webasto X100 unit is just a Wallas 88 DU unit (but not as easy to install as the Wallas)..

Actually the Webasto X100 does look exactly the same as the Wallas 85 DT, but the 85 DT does not have the underbench box

So if you don’t want to read the whole review and you are in the market for a Diesel cooker and don’t mind the rear gas discharge, the Wallas 88 DU is the way to go, as it is much easier to install and/or simpler to service, if you prefer! There is also the Wallas XC Duo, if you need an heater combine with the cooker..

All these units are identical as far as power, fuel consumption and design but for some reasons that I can’t comprehend, Webasto managed to stuff it up. The Wallas unit is one piece. You cut the benchtop, drop the unit in, four bolts, two plugs, one exhaust, the fuel line and you are ready to go. To service it is just a matter of reversing the installation order and the unit just comes out.

The Webasto has being split into two completely separate pieces. The unit itself and a metal box (they call it the cooling unit as it has a fan on the front). To install the Webasto you need to cut the benchtop, drop the unit in, again the same four bolt, then you will enjoy yourself trying to attach this metal box on the underside of the bench by using 14 (yes 14 screws) including the 4 at the back of the unit, where you may have 25mm space (like I did), between the metal box and the back of the cabinet. Beside being a major PITA, you also need to remember that around every 500 hours the unit has to be remove