The Utilities page was setup so that all the important tools required in building, constructing, living in a motorhome and riding a motorcycle could be found in one single location. It gets constantly updated and if you are looking for something related to the above and not finding it in here, just let us know and if possible it will be added…

Tank Volume Calculator

Use this little utility to calculate your tank volume. Most company or website that sell tanks, have one available but most of them don’t keep in consideration the wall thickness of the tank and baffles if any, giving you the wrong volume as result.

For example:

Size tank: 1000 × 500 × 400 = 200 Litre (not really accurate)

*Size tank: 1000 × 500 × 400 = 168.6 Litre (closer to the real volume)

*with 10 mm walls selected and 1 **baffles…

**baffles calculated of the same thickness as the wall.

Tank Length