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Last week, after watching Stephen’s video conversion, I was interested in his comment mentioning his Aircon unit as a soft start specifically designed for off grid situations.

It got me thinking..  Few years ago I remember reading something about soft start electronic units for houses where the A/C did manage to constantly trip the safety switch. Looking for soft start in Google, did give two distinct unit plus the usual whirlpool thread, where you get to read both side of the coin..

Now the first thing I noticed is that it doesn’t matter how hard I searched, it seems that there are no Air conditioning units with soft start out of the box. What it looks like, is that electricians do add the soft start kit to whatever Air con brand or unit you may want. If you know of a commercial split unit brand that already come with soft start, I would like to hear it..

Back to the soft start units, the two most popular one, seem to be the Hyper Engineering Sure Start for around $260 USD and the Easy Start 364 Soft Starter for around $334 USD.

Very quickly lets get the scam out of the way..

The picture above is the Hyper Sure Start for around $260 USD. In just 3 minutes I also find the Dometic Smart Start III and the picture below does show you what it looks like..

Yes.. I know.. The similarity is uncanny, but fear not as Dometic managed to price “their” unit at a very honest and competitive $570 USD. I’m just speechless about how this company gets away with this kind of behaviour.. I think is safely to assume that your best bet is to simply buy directly from the company that does make the product and simply ignore the other repulsive and offensive company.. If you have bought one of these Dometic unit, I feel your pain