I finally finish the electrical… Nah… Only kidding… That’s not mine.. Mine is worse…  :D

I’m still working on my electrical system, as I’m building everything in pre set stages. I’m also taking pictures of every single step, including cable size and location just in case something need attention at later date…

But to the point of this blog, before I did start my electrical, I did tons of reading before embarking on the adventure.. I also did purchase few books on the matter two of which have come in very handy:

Both these books are from the same author Collyn Rivers and they do cover several topics regarding RV in general. Like most books, unfortunately, they don’t really answer all the question that you will come across in a technical built such as a motorhome. Still, these two books will give you a great head start in the right direction and while very expensive for what they are, they will save you some money in the long run, so think of it as a long term investment.

Caravan Motorhome Electrics has some references to solar and Solar That Really Works has obviously some reference to motorhome electrics, so this two books do overlap a bit and if you are not planning to install solar, you definitely don’t need it… Two things mentioned in the book have really helped me and I would like to stress this points a fraction further..


Don’t trust Solar company!

This was by far the best advice, as it helped me in choosing the right panel for the intended job.. Solar company just wanted to sell, regardless of my needs and available spaces… There were also some arguments regarding warranty, as again, most company will led to believe you that they are all the same.. Not True!!!


The laws regarding electrical in RV have changed!

Collyn does point this out several time, and we should welcome those changes as they are there to save life. We do also need some standard so that errors in constructions can be avoided…

To this point I would like to add some links here to the No Shock Zone website where you can have a good reading regarding the current standard in the industry..

The Shocking Truth about RVs

Electrical Safety  1 Volts

Electrical Safety  2 Meters

Electrical Safety  3 Outlets

Electrical Safety  4 Hot Skin

Electrical Safety  5 Amperage

Electrical Safety  6 Voltage Drop

Electrical Safety  7 Wattage

Electrical Safety  8 GFCI Theory

Electrical Safety  9 In Review

Electrical Safety 10 GFCI Testing

Electrical Safety 11 Extension Cords

Electrical Safety 12 Surge Strips

All the above link are supplied with permission from Mike Sokol at RVtravel.com.

Naturally most items and situations described in those links are related to the US, but the concept remain identical here in Australia, so it pays to know as much as you can about this subject..