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I would like to introduce you to Purcy’s Motorhome “Burt”. A 1988 MAN Coach by Austral. Purcy is a builder by trade and it clearly shows in looking at Burt’s fine details..

While this was the second video released in Nov 2018, I think it should be watched first, as it does show the transformation from a coach to a home on wheels. A great compilation of pictures with an excellent choice of music as background…

I watched this video already several times and each time and I strongly recommend it. Full of excellent details..

This was the first video released back in September 2018. No more pictures but a quick introduction to the actual builder himself. You can see the conversion well underway here..

This third video released in August 2019 seems to be a mix of the previous two plus all the new details of the conversion. No music.. sorry…

This is the latest instalment form Purcy released on October 2019. The conversion is nearly finished and the bulk of the job is over. Here you appreciate that months of hard work have finally paid off! Can’t wait for the next video…

Updates 11/2019

Today Purcy kindly uploaded his cost chart that includes most of the parts purchased for the conversion..

Update 11/2019

This is the latest video from Purcy..

Thank you again Purcy for keeping us update on the latest..