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Back in the beginning, when I decided (not by choice) to build a garage in the rear end of Gigi, for a secondary form of transport, I originally got the idea from Mark’s Hobohome website.

While even then, I realised that there was a great potential in the actual idea, only lately I managed to see through the web how popular this setup has become..

In Australia, the maximum length permitted for an RV is 12.5 metre and that’s probably the main reason why you don’t see very often, well actually, you don’t see it at all, people carrying push bike or motorcycle behind the rear bumper on full size buses and coaches..

In the US things are not much different; they too, have maximum length restrictions and they seem to be around the 45 feet (13.7 metre) for most of the States, with few exception where they have 40 feet (New Jersey and District of Columbia) and in another they go all the way up to 60 feet (18.2 metre) (good luck turning that around) in Wyoming..

In Europe pretty much everyone are set on 12 metre maximum length, so as we can see, the limitations are very similar worldwide and therefore that also may explain why even there so many people converting some section of their RV to a dedicated garage..

I did like the idea of my vehicle not being exposed to the elements, and lets not deny, that there is also an extra layer of security for the second vehicle and a safety factor in not having anything heavy hanging from the back of the vehicle. Is not really the best location to add so much weight, so far back behind the axles..

At the time, Mark did use a Mini Moke and I thought that was an excellent choice of vehicle for the intended purpose.. At the same time I couldn’t help thinking that there were other few small cars that would have been very suitable for the job.. The Fiat 500 would have been my choice if I decided to go down that path.. But because in Italy we also have even smaller “utility vehicles”, I decided to go in a slight different path.. The actual Mini Cooper would have been another obvious choice and as the time went on, all those cars have actually started to make their way into people Motorhomes for real.. By looking at one of the pictures the red car also reminded me of the famous coupe made by MG (with those lovely electric brakes..)

As you can see from the collection of pictures Mini and Fiat 500 do fit very easily into the back and I was also extremely pleased to see the SMART car actually fit in the back of that Motorhome sideways.. Remember that, just in case you may are thinking of going down that path, the only Smart car that you are legally allowed to have in the back like that would be from the first or second Series (W450 or W451). The third series (C453 A453) is too long at 2.695 metres. The third series weight should be also a serious consideration at 880kg..

I really like the way the HD guy, managed to take advantage of one of the slideout in combination with the Rampage motorcycle lift. That’s a very clean design. Well done to you sir…

Finally, for an happy ending,  you can see the helicopter in the trailer (very handy for going shopping) and the RV (Cami Terra Wind)that can be used as a boat. In the description it says:

Luxurious Amphibious Motorcoach that is as comfortable on the lake as it is on the land

I don’t know about you, by after seeing Top Gear Richard Hammond failed experiment with a much smaller RV, having such a heavy big vehicle floating on water, the word comfortable, is not the first in my mind… Funny enough it also has the same 7 knots speed as Hammond had on his VW amphibious van on the road… I hate to think of when the mechanic has to walk over your beautiful white floor to change 35 litres of oil.. It doesn’t seem to be any rear engine access, other than the one in the bedroom floor… Oh dear..

Till the next..

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