Welcome to the story of my Motorhome “Gigi”. I wanted to share all the ups & downs of this amazing adventure that I embarked few month ago. There is so much to do and so much to document that I’ll seriously make an effort to write as much as possible.

I just would like to thanks my family & some amazing friends for helping and supporting me along the way…

After looking around Australia wide for the past 3 months, my choice came down between an Austral Tourmaster and a Denning Highdeck, and in the end the Austral won my decision based on the choices I had in my priority list.

The priority list was based as follow:

I wanted a high driver position seat
Much easier to drive when you can see past the vehicle in front of you.

I wanted a single side door
I think two doors coaches are useful when transporting people but you lose more room both above and on the bin space when used as a conversion.

I wanted a straight floor with no toilet at the back
That’s just two extra jobs to deal with that I can do without..

I wanted only two front windscreen
Two glass are cheaper than four to replace

I wanted an engine powerful enough to take care of the Motorhome fully load
250hp are simply not enough for 22000kg

I wanted the fuel tank at the back as well as the AC
Full fuel tank on the front axle does change coach handling a lot, plus I will still have some weight in the front because of the water tanks

I wanted a three axle coach
Nothing to do with more carrying capacity. It just handle side wind much much better than two axles because of the extra two bags

I wanted a clean unit with no too many modifications
I didn’t want to have to remove too much stuff as I wanted a clean canvas to start this project

In all honesty, The Austral did tick all the boxes and so it came to pass that this past weekend I took possession of my new home on wheels.

It felt good to see this massive vehicle in the driveway the morning after. Then after few minutes I started to realise the massive amount of work ahead and wonder what I just put myself into. Can I do it? Do I have what it takes?

Keep reading and you will find out, like I did, what it takes to convert a coach into a liveable Motorhome.  Please bear in mind that this Log Book is written as the conversion goes on and therefore there will be mistakes along the way. The Blog itself, is a new thing as well, so I’ll have to learn a thing or two before we can smoothly move forward.

This Log is here only for reading pleasure, and hopefully, to give motivation to others to join the great nomad life..

Il Mozzo