Is it just me?

I’m so sick and tired of all those false advertisements out there constantly bombarding us with lies and absolutely crappy products..

And no, I’m not talking about the “New” Big Mac that’s actually less than half the size of what it used to be..

I got an email yesterday from RVsuperstore regarding their latest product called Explore Planet Earth LED area light kit.

Here is the link to the product and please tell me if you can see what’s wrong with the picture..

No? Does everything look fine and bright? Ok lets enlarge the picture a bit..

Does this look natural to you?

Three distinct shadow on the ground, lights on the tree that’s taller than the light itself.. Bloody idiots!

I took the liberty of adjusting the picture, by removing all the unnatural light..

There! I couldn’t remove the lights inside the tent but the outside now, at least, looks REAL!

If you have or you are going to purchase one, I would love for you to share, which one of the two pictures above is the most accurate one..


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