This morning I wanted to get the pulley tension adjuster for the fan back on. Upon removing the broken bolt I realised that the thread was no good any more as rust and possibly wrong thread bold had done some damage. In the spirit of Christmas (everything is closed) I wanted to fix it with what I had in the shed and I’m happy to say that the fix did worked quite well. I also took the time to completely dismantle the steel sleeve that was completely stuck, preventing the pulley from having any side to side movement. It is all re-assembled packed with new grease and ready to serve for the next two decades… :clap:

All clean, greased and with two new bolts and nuts

The new tensioner is actually made out of a rod with a bolt welded at one end and a locknut on the top of the original cast. It works and it won’t get stuck ever again as I made the hole 12mm and then use again a 10mm rod…

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