Today I got an email from Giant trying to convince me that I need an E-bike.

It made me really happy because many, many moons ago I did have an E-bike. It was beautiful and really fun to ride.. With an Engine and pedals like a Bike, the world back then, or more precisely Harald Nielsen in 1952, decided to call them MOPED.. Amazing isn’t it.. MOtor and PEDals in one world. What a genius..

But today things are changing. The E doesn’t stand for Engine but for Electric. A bike with an electric motor. I got to apologise here but, what’s the bloody difference?? A motor is a motor like a bike is a bike like a car is a car. Why is it that this generation feel the need to always reinvent the wheel?

Well it is very simple. It attracts the masses.. Let see, first there was the I-phone, a phone made of glass (likely they don’t make hammers), follow right behind by the Hyundai I10, (a Korean car). Oh yeah, the company reckon that the “I” in the name is short for iRDE (Intelligent Responsive Drive Engine), but I call it bullshit. What? They got timid all at once? They had no problem calling their cars things like Elantra, Reina, Santro, Sonata, Venue, Aslan, Ioniq and Veloster, then all in once just one letter? I think IRDE would have been as pleasant, as the rest of the other names… 😁

The 50cc Solex 2 stroke engine

The 50cc Solex 2 stroke engine

The iPhone was released in June 2007 and a Korean car company, that at the time wasn’t doing that well, come up with the I in the I10 in October 2007.. Coincidence. Probably not. Since June 2007 massive success of Apple and Steve Jobs, anything with an “I” in front of the name is an Intelligent marketing strategy. No matter how bad or silly the product is, it will sell..

Back to the new moped, sorry, E-bike, I’m actually very happy to see them around because as I said, it brings memory back of when I had my E-bike, sorry, Moped.

In 1976, I paid about ₤350,000.00 Italian lira (just take off the first 5 zeros and divide by two and you get the correct value in AUD). Back then it was an average week wage. The thing that I loved most about my Solex was the fact that it ran on fumes (100 km with about 2 litres of fuel). You had your pedals and you did use them all the time the engine couldn’t make it. It was only a 50cc and that happened quite often. How is that any different from the current moped (E-bike)??

I know, now, the new moped owners will tell you that if you don’t pedal, the motor won’t work. That’s true, as it was true for the Solex back then. It was just too heavy to work most of the time until you got to some speed at which point the 0.5HP of the engine would have started to gently pull you away..

These new moped (E-bike) have something like 500 Watts or 0.67HP. Again, where is the difference?

Well, I think the difference is that now you need around ₤7,500,000.00 Italian lira to get the same vehicle. Do you make $3-4000 dollars per week? If your answer is yes, then perhaps you should buy one, but don’t expect 100 km with the same $3 dollars of fuel. The battery does need up to 6 hours to recharge and if you do things right you may get 3 years of use. Now lets say that you have a Giant Explore E+ 4, it seems that in Australia the dealers don’t want you to see the cost of a replacement battery, but in the UK you can see that the dealer, while out of stock, does show us the cost at £550 Pounds ($1030.00 dollars).

Don’t let that scare you as they are tons of fun, but with my Solex it would take me 85 years with an average of 400 km per year to burn $1030.00 dollars.

Mind you, if I was very rich, skinny and just reached puberty, I would have like to have this one..

In my opinion, those new moped, do have a market. I think the best and possibly only real purpose they have if for those people that love to come down from the mountain track, as it allows them to do the track more than once as to going back up the electric motors really makes the difference. But if you are, like the majority of people, using a PUSH bike to lose weight and stay fit, then there is no logic in getting a new moped, as you will sweat a lot less if any at all..

Not my words, just watch the video..

Yes a bit too easy if you are planning to get a good workout and you don’t go uphill.

Now, Mick on the other hand has a perfect good reason to have a motor on his bike..

Mind you, eventually with the lack of exercise, even Mick will join the rest of us, trying constantly to lose weight..

Personally, if we really need a new name, I vote for EPED, since the MO is still there, but it just cost 20 times more.. 😉

For the rest of us, enjoy this video..


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