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Today I was wondering if Stephen (the buyer of my first Gigi bus), had actually commenced the conversion and if he did, how well and far into the conversion he was..

It didn’t take long with Google, to find that Stephen has actually nearly finish the conversion, and what a job he did.. I’m very happy for him and his wife as soon, (by the look of things), they will start to travel around Australia.

I remember the day I delivered the coach to him, spending few hours talking about all options available today, as far as materials and clearly remember Stephen mentioning that he was a builder by trade. Well, Stephen, it certainly shows in your conversion..

In the video above, you can clearly see the huge amount of work that Stephen has performed in his conversion. I also took some picture out of it, to have a better look at the details. I still cannot believe that he managed this kind of job in his backyard. I struggle with the sikaflex because some of my panel got really hot, and he had no problems to re-skin the entire vehicle. Very impressive.

Another great feature worth mentioning is off course the roof raised by what it looks like a 10-15 cm at least (gathered from the pictures), as I had no chance to speak to Stephen since the last time, and the only time, we meet. The other picture does show what it seems a stack of solar panels and there is a mention of 3kw. Not a bad setup at all. I also included the picture were you can see a man with the typical smile of someone building his dream..

I was also particularly impress with both solutions regarding the front slope floor and the double internal wall to also aid in covering the original coach heating system. The front stairs also need a mention for the clever way to hide the external sliding step; a smart answer to a common coach/bus conversion problem. Where the majority of people do put the sliding step under the floor, they soon quick discover how bad it can go the first time the turn a corner and hover above the footpath with the front of the vehicle. While the vehicle is designed to hover on top of footpath, the new addition of the extra step under the floor, is not.

I also just realised and saw just now the chosen name of the motorhome.. 😁

Here is another video of the inside and again, all I can say is..  impressive!

Well done Stephen. I really like the lot..  The bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, the couch, everything is beautiful. The dishwasher is a nice touch and it will help him save a lot of water in the long run. I notice the TV in the bedroom and I’m sure another one will follow in front of the couch soon..

I didn’t see much storage space, but perhaps that’s not a bad thing, plus there must be still plenty of room in the storage bins under the floor. I was also wondering what use, if any was given to the isle that is now under the new floor. Water storage maybe?..

Anyhow, it was great to see another coach converted into a successful motorhome as the more, the merrier..

I sincerely hope to see you on the road soon Stephen..