Gigi v.2 Reloaded

As mentioned in the previous log, I decide that the best course of action was to cut my losses and move on. This is the “New” Gigi coach… A Scania K113 in mint condition (considering the age), that will replace the old Gigi. It may seem crazy, to start again on a complete different coach, but after some serious considerations and two days of crunching numbers to see where the budget did stand, it did actually make sense.. Let me explain..

The MAN coach, after the mechanical job would have been taken to the next stage where the entire skin would have been replaced, rust founded removed including all the windows, new windows installed ready for the next stage of the interior fitting.. I had been given quotes from the few place around Brisbane, and they were all around the 50k mark. Reason been that labour is expensive and it was going to be a big job. To this figure, you also need to add the tag axle conversion and installation, plus all the extra bit that always show up in big conversion jobs like this… You can see where this is going… The typical can of worm that once opened…

The Scania on the other hand, it already has the new fibreglass skin on aluminium frame and therefore it required only the windows to be removed and the new RV windows to be installed.. I do have the facility to do this, so other than the windows and twelve new small panel, there are no other costs involved as far as skin concern.

It also has a good engine (just been rebuilt), a bigger fuel tank (a welcome news, as diesel is necessary for heating and cocking as well), a perfect 5 stage retarder plus engine brake, nothing broken or damage (single previous owner) and the cherry on the cake is that I have an extra 12 cm of head room to play with. Obviously the bins are as much smaller, but I really don’t mind as most of the accessories will still fit.

Ok it doesn’t have  the power of the MAN (80HP less), but I’ll manage it  😉.

The big lessons learned here were:

When outsourcing for parts and jobs, leave no stones upturned. Ask as many questions as possible and always be aware of every single details. Get everything in writing regardless of what people will say to you. Don’t presume that you are all on the same page and be very clear of your expectations. Be prepared to make some people uncomfortable, especially when is time to pay agreed quotes… 😠

The other lesson off course was that, some jobs are more expensive than others. In the coach industry, for example, replacing an engine cost much less than removing rust and replace the exterior skin!

With all this behind, I would love now to be able to concentrate on the new Motorhome and getting back on track with the conversion.

First thing required is a new name or maybe not. I like Gigi and, we’ll see..

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