I’m telling you right now.. Working for yourself is always the best, but sometimes it hits an even higher note!

I’m up the ladder, working with beautiful plywood creating something, on a gorgeous Australian winter day, while in the background, and at full volume I may add, I’m listening to “La Gazza Ladra” of Gioachino Rossini, and I’m telling you: It doesn’t get much better than that!

I got to thank my mother and my brother for this obsession with classic music. My mother as, while working from home, she always had classic music going on the background, and my brother, for introducing me to true world of Hi-Fi and forcing me to understand the difference between AAA, AAD e finally DDD.. 😁

All I ever wanted was to listen to Patrick Hernandez, and the Pink Floyd but noooo. Not in my house!

So, as the inauguration date is approaching very fast, I feel quite comfortable in looking at the few hundred jobs left to do. After all, they are all small, light and easy jobs, and I need to remember myself, that the big and bulk work of the conversion is over..

This month, between friends visiting and those nice winter shorter day topped up by a lovely 6° Celsius in the morning, I wanted to at least finish the entertainment unit including the big screen TV. This will be also the last job where I’m using plywood as we have finally reached the end.

There are still several details jobs like dashboard pillar plus window and door trimming but for that I’ll use good quality wall carpet (can’t remember the name ATM). You don’t really want wood near the front window as when a window need replacing, the Stanley knife used to cut the silicon, could make a real mess. Lastly to be installed it will be the new one piece electric sun visor that I got from Holland..

The entertainment unit is quite interesting because what we got here is supposed to allow everybody to listen to music inside in every room and outside, watching movies in either screen and play arcade style games taking full advantage of a Pandora Box console, you know, for those rainy days and to keep the adult busy while the young grandchildren do the cooking..

At least, that’s the plan anyway..

You can see on the table the list of components that will allow this to happen. The only real problem I discovered with this setup is that because I’m using HDMI exclusively for all the connections between components, the cables, even the shortest one, are still not very flexible and quite bulky especially the plugs.

If I had to do this job again, I would probably look into wireless. Not sure about the image quality, but it would be definitely cheaper and easier especially if you have over 30 metres of HDMI quality cables.

I wanted to also finish the floor. For that I needed to re-cover the steps and the mid platform where the driver seat is located. I had previously purchased some rubber floor that did look like the original to cover the wall under the couch.

Now I’m not saying that I like the look of it, but because I had plenty extra and the clock is ticking, I decided that for the time being this will have to do it.. As with any floors, if you don’t mind the labour involved, you can always change the look at later date..

This also allowed me to re-install one of the four fire extinguisher that Gigi will housing. Originally was mounted behind the seat but on the opposite side and I didn’t like the fact that in an emergency you have to sit down and reach for the extinguisher, where now it is safer because easier to reach. There will be another one in the bedroom, one in the BBQ area and one in the engine compartment..

Few other little jobs were completed, including the installation of a mirror and one homemade coats hanger.. The mirror cost me nothing as it was thrown away by my neighbours, but it seems to fit my needs perfectly.

All it took, was a good sanding and because the pine had already aged, I decided not to varnish it as it would have gone even darker. The location was not a choice. I only had two straight walls left in the vehicle, so that’s where I was able to mount it.

Next job