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Today is finally raining and it seemed the best opportunity to update Gigi’s blog. The mention of liking flowers in the last post, did prompt some of my friend to help me to come out of the closet, apparently..

A new set of cushions was delivered including a beautiful one that for the time being, has joined my other flowers in the bathroom.. 😁 Now the toilet is really comfortable!

Before I get into this month construction details, I would like to mention how scare a movie can be when you combine watching Predator and at the same time a Koala decide to present himself on a tree, just a metre from the window. An experience that will stay with me, for the rest of my life.. I’m still a bit afraid to got out at night after hearing that unbelievably horror sound.. How can such a cute animal make this kind of noise??

The above is just a recording that I found online as my Koala was much, much worse than that, to the point that I couldn’t watch the movie any longer (and probably never will again).. 😁 The day after he/she was still on the tree enjoy what it looked like an ever ending siesta, so a took a picture and it did help a bit restoring my faith in trusting this little cutie..

This month the last piece of floor sub frame and plywood cover where installed, making the middle isle history and another step finally completed. Now all is left is to cover the plywood with the vinyl floor tiles, but before I can do that, I just need to seal the entire floor with a good sealing paint.

The custom made mattress also did arrive and my friend quickly made the removable cover for them. I did pick a high density foam for them and after Baldrick had the chance to sleep over, he confirmed that they are indeed, high density and of good quality, just not in these words 😁.. I have personally enjoyed them in the couch position and I think it will be an enjoyable couch in the long run. Can’t wait to get the TV mounted in the front and watch a movie, (no, not Predator)..

Because the couch is sitting just above the front wheel, I added some carpet in the under storage, to improve sound insulation again (as it was originally when the seats where there). The room for the 2 speakers was also added at the front, including the new above head compartment and hopefully fully finish before the end of the month. To improve sound quality I opted for 12 mm plywood instead of the normal 7 mm used everywhere else and I also included a ported hole before fully seal the built in speaker box. I got all the info required from this website HERE and HERE. They should sound great and once the stereo system is installed I will review both the system and the speakers..

Taking advantage of the heat, I also managed to paint the two metal frames that hold the diner seats. They had a bit of superficial rust, so after removing it, a nice two coat of gun metal paint was applied.

Finally, I replaced the 750Watts 240>24 DC Volts converter previously purchase on Fleabay with a professional 2Kw 240>24 DC Volts fanless converter. The main reason behind this change was firstly to remove the hideous fan noise that made it impossible to keep the unit on at night, and secondly to have a bit more power available. As there are three fans in the RV, plus another two fan in the kitchen stove/rangehood and the fridge to run, possibly all at the same time, it just made sense to upgrade the unit. This also means that both Inverter and Converter now have the same power output..

That does complete the Main electric panel and it also means that now I will be able to finish the cabinet next to the fridge and starting to lay the vinyl floor down..

I did contemplate upgrading the Inverter as well to a more useful 3Kw, but I don’t want to buy those Fleabay $300 dollars one as I have been bitten before by the excellent Chinese quality of “those Inverters”. There is an Australian/German made on the Sunshine coast by Latronics, but I can’t seem to see the logic in either the $3000.00 dollars cost of the unit or the fact that the company only works half a day on Friday and already advertise