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How hot has this month been so far? Not sure about global warming, but the weather, is somewhat not what it used to be anymore..

Like in full summer, I had to change again my working hours to very early morning and very late nights, which leaves you very tired in the middle of the day. But I never had a problem to take a “little siesta”, as I use this hot time of the day, for other indoor matters (like the Blog)..

This month I have finally reached the front of the conversion and surprising enough or perhaps because I have been living and working in the same space for the past 3 months (I can’t believe it, it has been this long already), I find myself enjoy the build a lot more that in the beginning. I’m also getting more ideas than even before and I have actually changed several items in the plan already for a better functionality or user feature..

It is also being great to be able to iron out the few construction bugs, before hitting the road.. The convection oven, while coking beautifully, it has been proven quite complicate and still now, I can’t remember all the setting and functions without pulling the manual out every time I try something new. BTW, the pizza pictured above came out nice and crisp and at least that an easy setting to select on the control..

The couch/queen side bed is finish and next week I should get the two half custom made mattress for it, then I will be able to tell if it is comfortable and if the bed work as intended. Is actually not a queen size but a double as I couldn’t fit the extra 18 cm on the side. There were a couple of modifications in the bathroom as well.. The shower step was leaking from the top, so an extra 20 mm of red hard wood was added to the top of it.. Then I felt this urge that compelled me to add some flowers and foliage to the corner where the exhaust for the tanks are located.. Most of my friends did laugh at it, but I like it, and have no problem in admitting that I do like flowers 😀 a lot.

Past the kitchen pantry, it was time to complete another little electrical panel, that will take care of the last part of the vehicle, the dining area. On this block I actually tested and used a fuse block and because it seems to work ok, I decided to retrofit the other two small electrical panes in the back. While on electrical, I also modify again the main control panel with the addition of a proper timer to control the Webasto units and a small alarm switch to emulate both the hand brake and ignition switch for the levelling system. The last implementation will be a second fuel gauge to monitor fuel consumption while stationary..

Talking about having ideas while living inside Gigi, one thing that did bother me a bit is the glare reflection of the TV in the bedroom ceiling at night. I didn’t think about that while building the ceiling back then, but it gave me an idea of how not to have the same problem for the big TV at the front, so instead of the usual white composite panel, I went for some lovely tongue and groove pine wood that beside helping even more with the insulation, it removed the glare problem all together. I really like how it breaks away from the rest of the ceiling, so I may just use some good oil instead of the usual varnish..

I was also able to get a taste of the dining table and two diner seats. I wanted to test size and position of both the table and the seats, as once the seat mount are bolted to the floor and the floor panel inserted, there is no turning back as far as moving the seats back or forward. The choice of material for the table did also change from the original plans. I’m now using 36 mm hardwood instead of the original 12 mm and two gas struts leg instead of just one for added stability and lifting power. The table is also much bigger than originally planned as I have more room that I originally thought and a big table will obviously be more comfortable and functional, especially when playing board games or dinner for six..

Once all the measurements were taken, it was just a matter of duplicate the above head cabinet to match the other side. I have done plenty of varnishing so far and there is still plenty ahead, and the original 4 litre were just not enough, so a second 4 litre can was purchased at Bunnings. I sincerely hope that this will be enough to finish the project..

While at Bunnings, I also picked up a nasty cheap floor mat with the word Home written on. I just need it something to remove the huge amount of dirt and dust that I keep bringing into the vehicle on a daily basis. I will get a nicer mat once the conversion will be over.

The last picture is for Adam, as I wanted to show him how good the levelling system is. As you can see from the picture, the entire vehicle is about a metre off the ground and it can lift the 20 tons with ease. Like I said in my reply to you, well worth the investment..