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This month I celebrated a milestone of this project, as I moved into my new home. 🤗🤗🤗

After 20 months of fun and intensive labour, I finally made it. Is not over yet, but still, it feels great.

It took my body about three days to get used to the new bed frame and to the new surrounding, but now, I wouldn’t want to sleep anywhere else. It comfy, cosy and everything just works right. I had some doubts at first, regarding having a book case at the end of the bed, but it hasn’t been an issue what so ever. Making the bed, on the other hand it is a bit of a workout. The mattress is made of latex and weights a ton, but I notice online, that you can buy sheets that just zip on the top of the mattress, so that’s maybe the way to go..

First issue fixed this month was the lack of fresh air entering the garage. As mentioned in chapter 24 I manage to install another louvre on the driver side and that seem to have fixed the problem. If more air will be need it I can always add a fan on the inside of the louvre.

Then there was the need for the exterior light above the main door, to work properly. I first purchase one of these from Jaycar, but it only lasted for a month before stopping working. The only easy fix I could find was to utilise the Narva 87788 that unfortunately is 12 Volts only but with a little addition (keep reading), works now on 24 Volts like a charm. Pity about the Jaycar light, as it was the perfect size and at the perfect angle..

After completing the wall cabinet I did enjoy putting together the first piece of the kitchen. Its the corner piece where the main stove will be also installed. Because of that I was able to also install the Dometic CK150 Rangehood in the cabinet above. Yes the Dometic is another 12 Volts piece of equipment but I got myself two dozens of these little devices so not to worry about the few 12 Volts bits & pieces that I have installed in the vehicle. Those little converters are rated at 100 Watt Max on one side and at 9 Amps on the other. I wouldn’t personally trying anything higher than 5 Amps, at 24 Volts, judging by the heatsink size..

I can’t say that it was fun to drill another 105mm hole through the ceiling, but it had to be done. The Dometic kit, while extremely expensive (what’s new??), does come complete and all you need is a power supply of 12 volts and a 105mm hole to install the mushroom fan on the roof

It was also time to install the Webasto Top Evo 55 in its final location. I’m just waiting for the marine muffler to arrive, and I’ll then finally being able to test how good these heater really are. Considering that at the moment we are averaging 5-6° at night, it will be a