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While the weather has been really silly this month, (not much difference from Melbourne ATM), I still managed to complete few jobs. One thing that I did forget to install, was the expansion tank to help the hot water system. Once the hot water system was repaired (new O-ring) I couldn’t see any room where to locate the expansion tank.

In the end, a timber frame with the tank glued on top and strapped to the hot water system, was the only possible solution. It is getting crammed in there and I still need to install the winter heater and few more water pipes for the kitchen sink. I just hope that everything will work as planned without any more nasty surprises.

I did also managed to install the Dometic roof vent for the fridge, (the last hole in the roof 😀)that in conjunction with the floor vent, should provide ample cool air flow at the back of the fridge. To be honest, I thought it was very expensive for what you get in the kit, and they couldn’t even provide the four stainless steel screws to mount the cap on the top of the vent base. Dometic, pay attention! That’s a sure way to loose customers.. $75 dollars for two flimsy piece of plastic.. I guess it goes along the line with the cost of the fridge.. I’m really getting tired of constantly being ripped off and therefore, no more Dometic for me.. Looking at the design it seem very easy to reproduce in fibreglass, so if it is true what Barry left as a review, next time I may just do that..

The next job was supposed to be a walk in the park. I just wanted some curtains for the Eurovision windows that did came with the curtain rail and SS support for it. Upon installing the first curtain, all the problems did showed up. They are not necessarily problems related to the Eurovision system, but it definitely didn’t work as planned inside Gigi. The whole design made the window look old and I didn’t want to loose that much room (between the track and the curtain was about 10cm) on both walls. That may it doesn’t seem too much but when you think that the entire width of the room is only 235cm from side to side, loosing 20cm is actually, quite a lot. The way the track is mounted on the window frame, its also not very strong.

So, back to the drawing board to see if a better way of attaching the curtains did exist. I had the SS rods left, from when we dismantle the coach and I did kind of liked that proven system. It easier, stronger and it takes much less room once the curtain are closed. But I couldn’t find a SS rod holder small enough to fit the rods and I didn’t want to use the plastic ones. So I had to make them using Zenith 6mm Lag Screw. It took a good couple of hours, first the cutting, then the threading and I need it 18 of them, but eventually I got what I wanted. It was a bit expensive but it seem really strong, it only takes 2 cm per side and it definitely looks more ‘right’ for what I was after.

Complete the bathroom, it was time to finish the insulation in the ceiling, for the kitchen and the dining and attach the two remaining panels. But because of the cold weather and the humidity, we only managed to install one panel but hopefully next week the ceiling will be completed.

I also need to modify the roof hatch in the kitchen the same as I previously did to the one in the bathroom. I was also thinking of possibly adding a fan to it as well, but I don’t want end up with a fix hatch as I need access to the roof to clean and maintain the solar panels.

In the meantime, I managed to install the kitchen wall switches, power points and another small distribution panel that will be hidden inside the cupboard. After testing that everything was working as planned I also installed the ceiling light in the kitchen. Its’ a marine 30 watts LED and it is off course very bright. Then again, that was the plan.. A bright kitchen..

The previously purchased electric ceiling TV mount doesn’t fit as intended, so I decide to make my own ceiling device for the 42″ TV; that will be discussed in another blog later on. I also purchased a convection oven microwave to finish the kitchen. It probably won’t get used much as there is a great BBQ under the awning, but just in case, it is nice to know that there is one. He will use the same ceiling roof vent that the fridge use, as they do get quite hot at the back..