It has been 18 months now, since the conversion commenced on Gigi and it is only by looking at the log book that it makes me realise the massive amount of work that has been going into this project. There are still two rooms to be completed, the kitchen and the dining/living area.

The bathroom did took much longer than expected and not just because of the amount of work involved, but also because I had to test the water system and electrical before closing the walls. The electrical was all good, but the water system had three leaks, one of which being on the hot water system, required me to buy a 86mm tube spanner to fix it. You can clearly see in the picture, that the O-ring has been squashed out of shape, possibly due to being the wrong size and the huge amount of grease applied to it..

I really wish companies like  ASAP Supplies did test properly their products before selling it to the consumer, even if it obvious by the picture, that they are not the ones making them! It seem to me, that ‘trust no one’ is still the best approach. It doesn’t take an expert, to realise that quality and pride in workmanship have become a rare things in this society.

As far as the other two leaks, it was definitely my fault. I have being using the Sharkbite for the entire water system and both leak appeared where I did connect and disconnect the pipe several times using just a pair of pliers. The pliers did leave marking on the pipe preventing the seal from doing its job. You can buy the disconnection clip for few dollars and save yourself some trouble, and be 100% positive that your cut is perfectly straight..

The garage was still missing the 45° angled panel between wall and ceiling, so I did that and also bought another industrial weatherproof louvre because this past summer, the fan in the Outback MPPT stayed on most of the day, nearly everyday. It just need better ventilation.. This louvre did came with a 150mm duct that could be easily implemented with a 24 volts 150mm fan that, connected to a relay, could come on at the same time the one in the Outback does.

The drainage for the shower also had to be completed. The soon the black water tank was installed, I was able to complete the breathers for both black and grey waters, the 90mm connection for the toilet and the above mentioned shower drainage. It all fitted nice in a single bin space, and all is needed now is a little box for gloves and black water various connectors..

Next Tuesday, when everybody are back to work, It will be time to decide what kind of kitchen to install. Bunning was in the list but it doesn’t offer enough choice of either corner cabinet or drawers mechanism, where Ikea do offer three types of corner cabinet and few variations of drawers hardware.. Thing is, that for what they offer (laminated chipboard) they are both unbelievably expensive.. I also contacted a local cabinet/kitchen maker and I’m waiting for the quote to decide in which direction to move..

Happy Easter