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March is quickly coming to an end and frankly I thought that by now I would have been working in the kitchen..

It wasn’t meant to be. The bathroom did require a huge amount of work and it didn’t help that I did choose materials that normally you don’t see in a Motorhome, plus the weather that just won’t let summer go.. The heat and even more the humidity, have been hard to cope with, and it didn’t matter if you stayed in the shade, as even just walking around eventually made me sweat to the point where your body cooling system just fails and the headaches start to hurt..

I know, I know.. As Baldrick always kindly reminds me, the pregnancy doesn’t help..  😏

There were also few delivery problems, (well it did look more like a theft than a delivery problem  ;) and that didn’t help improve the schedule. I also had few electrical problems, (at the beginning of December) where some company decided that to make a 12 Volts device compatible with 24 Volts, all you need is to change the sticker at just hope for the best.. So as the heat was rising, I decided to replace all existing 12-24 Volts LED lights with the more robust 9-32 Volts lights. They cost a bit more, but they do offer better protection against those few extra volts that are running in my motorhome.. 😀

So, while working more and more in the evenings, I managed to finish the central part of the corridor, (still missing the top right corner and few more profiles), but I’m very happy that it is wide enough to facilitate an easy passage to the rear..

One thing I did completely forget was the reading light for my bedside. After a bit of look around I settled for a Narva LED Reading Map. It looks good and it goes well with the rest, like the black fan on the opposite wall..

As previously mentioned the mini orb was actually easy to install, once all the correct measurements and angles were transported onto the panel. What I like most in this setup is that I was able to outfit the entire shower without using a single screw. Lots of sikaflex and bathroom silicon was used instead, so that the end result look very clean.. It is possibly also the only shower in the world with two straight 90° angles, two 45° angles and one round 90° angle. It just happens that I did change my mind few times and that was the result.. 😀

As the motorhome already has two sliding door, I thought about also using a sliding glass for the shower and I’m not going to tell you the arm and a leg that did cost me, but I was prepare to pay anything to avoid those shower curtains that love to stick to your legs when wet..

Then it was the time for the wall cabinet, there will be another blog just on that regarding how IKEA has miserably failed with those built in lights, but I did lose another two days just to fix that.. I’m very pleased again with the end result.. Today I started with the floor, testing few colours and variations, and hopefully by the end of this week also the toilet should be in place. I think the toilet may be a fraction to big but I really like the look of it.. 😉 What you reckon??