What the hell did happen to January???

It goes without saying it that the extreme heat did take a toll on the amount of work I was able to perform in the past 30 days… Not being able to do most of the outside job, I decided to concentrate on some of the little leftover jobs that since the beginning have being accumulate in a massive list on my phone..

That’s right, it is imperative that you keep a list as there are way too many little job that for one reason or another, cannot be complete or fixed while the big picture is materialising..  I also use another little program on my laptop where beside keeping the list of job and being able to prioritise the list, it also gives you the chance to keep other record, such as your prefer suppliers, and other things than can be useful in a build like this… Its called Efficient PIM.

This month was almost entirely spent on the bathroom again, as there are so many things that need to go into this little room that’s not funny.. Well, at 4.5 m² is not actually that small.. Reason being is that I wanted a real shower and a real sink, as I can’t stand those plastic (kids size toys) used in most RV these days..

Previously mentioned, I did modify the original hatches has I did really like the size and I had the intention of using a small ladder from the inside of the coach, to reach the roof for what ever reason (cleaning solar panels, repairs…).

Once the modification was done I did order some marine hatches sliders and at first I did try by just installing one on the side, but I quickly realised that the hatches fibreglass was too heavy for single slider, so I ended up using two, one on each side. It works well and now I’m just waiting for the Fly screen slider to complete the job..

Once the wall frame and the plumbing was complete I did waterproof the entire base and the small 200mm walls with a good acrylic waterproof membrane. They recommend minimum of two coats but because the coach will move, I put 5 coats and let it dry for a week. After the membrane was dry I use river pebble for tiling as I always like the feeling of the pebbles under my feet. They also look great when wet..  :D

I didn’t install the composite panel in the bathroom because I decided to use the mini orb from Colorbond. I did use this combination pebble/mini orb before in my home and like it so much that I decided to do it again in Gigi’s bathroom. Not an easy job, especially with walls and ceiling all at different angles, but I think it gives great results for a marginal higher cost than tiles and fibre cement sheet..

The toilet brush (is that the name?), was given a recess location so not to interfere with the toilet bowl once installed. All I had to do to make it RV compatible was to install a small magnet under the tilting front part so that it only open when required..

Another two stage filtration system was also added in the wet bin area. I already have one for the drinking water in the kitchen, but because I’m using ceramic cartridge for all the tapware in the coach, it was suggested by a good friend to also filtrate all the water going through the system as it will make all the plumbing last a lot longer.. So I took his advice..

Lastly I wanted to have a custom ladder to access the rear compartment without having to use the full size ladder all the times.. After a two days search online I quickly realised that I’m not rich enough to afford the $300-400 dollars asked for a custom made ladder.

So what I did instead was purchasing a $100 foldable ladder, remove two steel rivet pin and use just half of it with a metal bracket made to fit… It works perfectly and the total cost was $120 including the ladder from Ebay, the metal frame, a can of paint, two bolts and two locknut..

With the $280.00 dollars saved, I’ll buy something nice for the kitchen coming up next month hopefully…