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With the festivity behind, the eye infection gone, that’s BTW is still not 100%, it was time to get seriously down to business..

The first good news came from the tank factory after I received a phone call with the great news that because another job got cancelled, my tanks were ready… 😀  Finally a bit of good news.. went to pick them up and I also got a better price than expected. They are a good business and you can find the link to their page in the links page. (Doh… 😉 )

Once I got the tank home I also got in the mail the Valterra waste gates, plus the Camco Rhino Extreme sewer hose kit, both purchased from the US.. I did try in vain to purchase from Australia, but it has become apparent that we are not yet ready to serve the RV and motorhome community with their needs.. Some had one piece while others had no idea of what I was after, they had no prices, including one company in NSW that hasn’t call me back yet, then again it has been only three weeks since my phone enquiry. Basically I found that the majority of business do want your money but they are not either, prepare to gain some knowledge of their stock or having a basic understanding of how the product they sell actually can be used..

Finally a company that could be a good success story and from which I bought in the past, decided not to use the phone but only emails for customer enquiries..

That’s great for someone that has both hands clean and free, good eyes, doesn’t work under the sun and has the time to stop and write everything down.. In short, not a very practical proposition.. I’m sure that like the self serve checkout, these new business techniques, do appeal to someone but not for me.. If I need to put an order with a company, I got no problem using emails, but for enquiries where the conversation can be quite complex, it simply doesn’t work..

And that’s how it happen that after waiting 2 hours for the person to reply to my email by asking more question because not sure of what I meant and uncertain of the dimension of his stock, he eventually reply 3 hours after that they only had a picture of the hose but no stock or specs. for it..

That could have been 5 hours of my life wasted for ever.. Luckily I had the feeling of what was happening and therefore after 30 minutes I made my original first enquiry, I went on Amazon where at glance I could see prices, dimension, stock availability and even a live chat if I felt the need.. Bought what I need it in 10 minutes then just waited for the salesman email, to see if my feeling were right.. They were right!

Back to Gigi, that for the past week has been sitting in an average of 40°.. That’s summer right? I wanted to finish the bathroom in December but once again, first the eye infection and now the temperature are proving too much to deal with, so like a good Mexican, I have reintroduce the Siesta in my life.. Not much point in finish a job if it is going to be crap and you are nearly dead.. Plus I still want to enjoy what I’m doing.. So instead of the usual 8-10 hours per day, I have cut down to 4 and they are just in the early morning. I keep the late afternoon for planning and improving on the design..

As you can see from the pictures, the build is proceeding, just not as quick as I would have like it.. The bathroom walls frame are all up, the water plumbing is coming along nicely and its almost complete and the shower frame is under construction as we speak..

One thing that I’m very happy about this bathroom is that it uses all standard home fittings, so any Bunning or Tradelink, will have spare parts (ceramic cartridges, hose fittings) that do cost a fraction than the same part made specifically for an RV.. The kitchen will follow the same trend..

The last two items added were the waterproof speaker and the SS toilet paper holder that is recess into the timber and takes virtually no room what so ever.. The bathroom cabinet will be the next to be installed and then it is just a matter of finishing the shower for which I have a couple of little nice features that I would like to implement, but more of this next month..

Going for a Canadian Club now, as the temperature outside is still to high..