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Merry Christmas

Christmas is already here and I’m nowhere near the end of this project! The Inauguration timer is ticking and it says 105 days.. Lets hope..

One of the many things in life that we all need to come to terms with, is that life wasn’t meant to be easy..

More often than not, things can happen so fast around you, that by the time you have realised what has just happened, is way to late, and the next best thing we can do is prepare for the explosion.. Two weeks ago, while sanding the floor and drilling holes for the water pipe, something went into my eye, my left eye precisely.. Yes I do wear goggle and a respirator, the problem is that the goggles do fog up pretty quickly even if they have holes on the side..

Wait a minute.. If they have holes on the side, how are they supposed to work in keeping airborne particles out of your eyes?? I can only blame myself here as the goggle I was wearing are just the generic cheap type designed for keeping large object out. After making few calls, it became apparent that for what I’m doing, swimming googles, would be a better option..

To cut the story short, it wasn’t an object that got into my eye, but it seem that the towel that I have been using for wipe the sweat off my face, had developed some kink of bacteria that did manage to enter my left eye..

I just came back home from hospital and I’m getting a company to sterilise the entire vehicle.. The aircon filter and the original carpet where very dirty, so it just pay to fumigate the entire vehicle.. None the less I lost another week.. :x

In the last blog I did mentioned the fibreglass being damaged in the front left corner of the vehicle, but I just realised that I never post a picture of the finished job.. So I’m posting one now to show you the quality of the workmanship.. I’m very happy with it..

In the blog before that I also mentioned installing the main water tanks, so I included a picture here where you can also see the electronic fluid level.. It is a system made and develop by Garnet.  They are probably the best in the business with no holes to drill and no moving part to break. Another very important feature to me was the fact that the level displayed is a lot more accurate because it is shows as percentage, not fractions. While shopping online I was also able to get my hand on the original gorgeous looking Scania Griffin. I think it does complete the front..

While on the subject of the front I also received in the mail the single front driver electric curtain and a pair of new wipers arms.. There are no chips on the screen (yet), so hopefully, for the front, we are done..

In the bedroom the cabinetry is all done and finish and again using the same varnish, I’m extremely pleased with the result. It gives a warm look, plenty of storage and still plenty of room left to move.. I think I successfully repair the mistake originally done by the builder when he cut the garage door in the wrong spot..  :D

I will still try to finish the bathroom by the end of December, as as you can see the toilet has finally meet its resting place.. The Black and Gray tanks are coming in mid January and I have some great ideas for the shower.. We’ll see..

Oh.. I almost forgot. I use 24 LED lights and still ended up having to add a 7824 voltage regulator, one for each of the lights. The actual regulator inside the lights is not as strong as the Chinese company think.. You always get what you pay for..  ;)