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Winter is over, and the temperature is quickly rising again.. 😂  None the less, the build must go on and again this month was very enjoyable, in particularly when you start to see some piece of furniture finding their perfect location…

There is a warm feeling and an amazing satisfaction about building your own RV that I don’t think it can be matched when purchasing a vehicle already built. It start in the early morning, while drink a fresh real coffee, that you begin letting your mind wonder around and contemplate how best this particular piece of build can be tackle and become reality.

You have seen tons of pictures before, and your mind is working at an amazing speed just to let you see how it could be done.. Then a new or better idea comes in and in one second your mind is redrawing the entire thought.. A bit like day dreaming, but with the distinct difference that, this dream, is about to become reality.. I often find myself writing down note or just a sketch because your mind can work at suck speed that not everything will stay in memory..  ;)

From last month, the first step was to finish the rear wall, so that the bedroom could start to take shape.. Two more panels did take care of that, while the original seat frame rail was getting used for the new bed frame.. I did contemplate about building the frame inside, but then realised that it could still get into the vehicle from the rear door, and it was much easier doing all the welding and painting outside…

Once the frame was complete and lifted inside the vehicle, the rear wall was then completed. I also decided to start to close the middle isle that turned up to be quite easy as the 12mm plywood did fit perfectly supported by the original seat rails. All it need it was just welding two extra rail, one at each end of the panel to add extra support and it was done..

Then the frame for the above bed cupboard did start to take shape and in the end I opted for three medium size hatches that are supported by small strut (they turned up to be cheaper than normal spring strut). With a bit of room left to spare I also decided to add two speakers as I don’t mind to listen to music while relaxing.. As it turned out, the speakers are already connected to the front stereo and being used daily while the construction goes on…

Then it was just a matter of fixing and testing the large struts that are suppose to help raising the bed for the under storage.. Now this may seem like an easy task but it is not.. The hardest part is to work out the right strut for the given weight and length of the object you are planning to use/move..

Luckily there are company online that do provide a “simple” formula to work out your requirements… I did find this picture and formula very useful..

There are also Excel available for download, so it shouldn’t be impossible to work out the right struts for the job..

Once the struts precise location was found, I did remove them again so to be able to build the timber frame around the bed. Considering that I would have been left with a silly space of 30cm at the end of the bed, I opted instead for a nice book shelf or just extra storage space both above and below the shelves.

The last stage for the bed was the bolting of the excellent NZ quality pine slats to the metal frame. It may looks like a bit of an overkill compare to standard RV slats, but considering the Latex mattress that is going to fit above is very expensive, I wanted to give it a good support and with smaller than usual gaps..

Going into this direction, of having the bed sideways (and not originally by choice), and with the addition of some cushions, it does make the bed also becoming a comfortable large couch and with the addition of a mirror/TV could become quite easily a pleasant bedroom. There is also another advantage of the massive extra space between the bed and the wardrobe that will be built on the opposite wall next to the door..

While building the bed, I also complete some of the electrical fitting, including one of the bedside lamp and a very nice marine Sirocco fan made by Caframo.

They are a bit expensive but they are good quality very quiet fan, they are 360 degrees adjustable and do come with selectable speed and timer, with a choice of two colours: black or white… Highly reccomended

Finally the water tanks were installed in the bin compartment, and while I didn’t take any picture I’ll probably do an article on the plumbing on its own as there is so much to deal with, from type of fittings, to size of hose and location of tanks..

For instance one thing that I didn’t really consider in the beginning, when I did purchased the tanks, was the fact that whatever size tank you get, the inlet will always have to be higher than the top of the tank…  Yes it is common knowledge, but to be honest, when measuring the tanks space, I was more concern to fit the biggest tank as possible and completely disregard the fact that eventually you must also fit the inlet somewhere..

In the end the drill and the Jigsaw did a good job at making a new hole for the water tank inlet that also do come with the town water supply inlet as well.. I was so impress with the result that I decided to mount another inlet on the other side as well, so that no matter when I park where the water access is located, as I have easy access on both sides of the vehicle..