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I’m taking the day off today, so that I can actually write the Log Book…  😀

As I was saying in Chapter 15, by the end of this month I should have both side of the RV finish and it looks like it may happen… It would have actually only take a couple of weeks if the rain didn’t interfere with my plans… A small price to pay for an outdoor project, considering that the alternative would have been to rent a very expensive shed. Beside that, I don’t really think I could go any quicker that I’m currently doing… I’m getting old and start to feel the difference in my body… It just won’t work as fast as he used too… (and it seems that I have no control over that  :D )

I’m also making sure to enjoy this project as much as I can in taking the necessary time so not to do mistakes, otherwise what would be the point of all this? If it start to feel like a job, chances are, it has become one! So far it has given me plenty of satisfaction and also ideas for future projects ahead and I have really enjoy the whole story..

The last time I worked on a similar project, it was nearly 35 years ago in Europe, working for a company called Arca that to these days, in my opinion, still makes excellent motorhomes, and I’m amazed of how many things have changed since.. On one side it has become so much easier as far as material and techniques required for a good finish, while on the other it has become a nightmare filled with electrical & electronic gadgets that yes, they can make life much easier (eventually…  😉)

Back on those days, we had  a Ford Transit chassis, aluminium foil,  acrylic windows, timber, glue, wallpaper, honeycomb cardboard, screws and some lights.

It all boiled down to the skill of the builder that in those days he normally was a carpenter..  These days you don’t need to be a carpenter any longer… All you need is Internet, some cash, and the willingness to follow the detailed instruction that come with your purchases.. Material choice is virtually limited only by your wallet and with all those new silicons and bonding material, who need screws any longer??? Everything is lighter and yet stronger whit a choice of finish and colours

On the driver side I did install six windows, while on the kerb side I have only two. I thought that because of that I would have finish in a flash,  but then my working diary remind me that on the kerb side I have things like external light and the awning (a Thule 8000 Omnistor electric), so the electric cabling also had to be installed…

Also, on this side there were few extra jobs required as the builder did manage to cut some panels too far when he installed the rear door in Brisbane, so I had to fix his mistake as well… Luckily Paul came to the rescue again as he really enjoys metal body works, and he’s excellent at it… In the end it took nearly the same time as the other side..

Finally, a friend, commented that Gigi does look like a food van, so the last picture if for you Baldrick…   ;)