It has been a very long story, with a multitude of ups and downs, but in the end I’m happy to finally being able to say… I made it!

This past weekend, with my family we celebrated the end of Gigi’s conversion from a Scania coach to a fully fitted Motorhome. I would have liked to be already registered, but (what’s new) only two of the six tyres ordered made in time. I’m not getting either upset or surprised anymore as I have learned now, sadly, that this is the new standard. It is just another week, where I get to complete the finish touches before heading for the workshop to do the complete service.. Doesn’t really matter..

Before I forget, I had another visit from another mate, a month or so ago and I just want to add his mugshot to this blog for two reasons..

1) Because the coffee cup was bigger (Hi Baldrick 😂)

2) He’s my friend and it has been since day one.

I did ask the same question to Bongo as I did to Baldrick but, and this is a big butt, Bongo had no problem in ruining the interview by using his best Aussie slang to prevent me from using the same language here.. 😁

Well Bongo what do you think of it?

“Bloody %^$#@%$ brilliant mate… %^$#@%$ brilliant..”

Do you like the name?

“Gigolo, is it? Yeah, is apt for the purpose..”

No, its Gigi after my father.. Anyway, Is it comfortable?

“Yes, absolutely.. Perfect for two people..”

Same sex people?

“You know me, mate.. Any port in a storm..”

I really didn’t know that, I swear.. 😂  What ya reckon of the details?

“Great choice of material combinations.. I thought that all pine would have been %^$#@%$ ugly, but you %^$#@%$ pull it off. It looks great..”
Is there anything you hate?

“No mate, I can’t fault it. You did a bloody %^$#@%$ great job mate.. The shitter was a huge surprise. Actually would you mind if we continue this later, I ‘m gonna pinch a loaf right now”

Help yourself mate, but please I beg of you, open the window and the skylight.. (About 10 minutes later)..

“Sorry mate, but it must have been that huge cup of coffee you gave me to piss Baldrick off… Anyhow, the toilet is unbelievably comfortable. Love it..”

It’s ok mate, as long you didn’t miss, we are good. As usual, we both had a great time, and I’m looking forward to more time together, once I’ll be on the move..

The next test was to see if Gigi was Kids proof and, well, it almost made it.. The managed to find and click any button or lever that did and could be moved. The biggest problem turned up to be the driver seat and