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It’s here!!!  It’s here!!!  It’s finally here!!!

The long waiting game is finally over! Purchased from the US back in May, it finally made it to down under 😀 It took 73 days!  😯

I wish I could say that it was fun, easy and enjoyable purchasing such a big heavy item from the US, but it would be the biggest lie ever… None the less it was a mountain that need it to be climb as I had no choice of purchasing one here in Australia. Very sad, that we have not as many choices as other places like the US or Europe when it comes to modifications to heavy vehicles. Unfortunately it comes down to a very simple common denominator: Greed. Everybody wants too much, from the pathetic 60% fees of the imported item price slapped in your face under different silly names at the Custom, to the vendor that truly believe that it is ok to make 100-200% profit margin in anything that can be sold… Good luck with that… lets see how long it will last…  ;)

Now that the rant is over, I would like to officially start Stage 2.

Stage 1 was to make sure that anything mechanical that stayed on the vehicle was in top condition.  Stage 2 is where the modifications to the vehicle drive train and mechanical side, start to happen.

The gearbox was not really a necessary item as the original Eaton was perfectly fine. The problem was the lack of a retarder in the vehicle.

If you have followed the log bog, you would have read that among the items replaced there was one of the brake drum. I wanted to install a retarder to not having to cope with brake fading or extremely slow down hills in very low gears or as it had already happened, a cracked brake drum due to the non existing auxiliary brakes.

We did look everywhere in Australia and overseas for an add-on retarder to the Eaton gearbox. In the end it was just easier and much cheaper to replace the entire gearbox that does come with a retarder already built in.

Here you can see the massive Allison gearbox still in the crate screaming at you wanting to get back on the road ASAP!

Next week the transformation will begin and I will try to take as many pictures and write as much as possible, so that if someone else out there is thinking of taking this path, it should be somewhat a litter easier that it has for us.

I also had to readjust the inauguration day twice now, due to all those delays.. Lets hope that the date is now fixed…

Before I go, I would like to remind myself, of why I’m doing all this… I think this picture taken yesterday evening, looking towards Dalby, sums it all up…

Winter is Australia… Where else would you like to be?

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