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Can I build a Motorhome all by Myself?2019-08-10T09:18:37+10:00

Short answer is No.

There are several stages in a construction of a motorhome where large item must be glued, supported, lifted high and so forth… Is not about weight but more about size.  Two people are the bare minimum.  You can still do most of the other jobs yourself and maybe organise few weekends BBQ where your mates can help… ;)

And that reminds me…

Thanks, Paul… Your help was invaluable…

Can I convert any type of Bus/Coach into a Motorhome?2020-06-25T18:54:01+10:00

Absolutely Not! As per NHVR Vehicle Standard Guide (VSG5)

Size and dimensions

There are strict limits on the maximum dimension of a heavy vehicle. In particular motorhomes must not exceed the regulation dimensions, including:
maximum length: 12.5 metres
• width: 2.5 metres
• height: 4.3 metres
• rear overhang: 3.7 metres or 60% of the wheel base, whichever is lesser and including items or equipment mounted on the rear overhang
• combination length (motorhome towing a trailer) – 19.00 metres.

When measuring the dimensions of a vehicle, all equipment that is fitted to the ve