Are you getting Items advertised “Free Delivery” from Ebay? Yeah.. right, sure you do.

This free delivery joke has been run on Ebay since the beginning. The sad part is that it is not clear of why Ebay allows vendors to advertise misleading and falsely claim as “Free Delivery” when the majority of them obviously are not.

I mean, do you seriously believe that company that do offer realistic prices, can also afford to pay for your delivery? It is simply impossible and believing otherwise is just plain silly.

Lets look at few random items including some that I did purchase in the past…

Ok, We can see that for $184.85 AUD we can get the free delivery of this product..

Or we could buy this item for $142.19 AUD and then pay another $42.65 AUD for the delivery.. and that would bring the total to $184.84 AUD

So, free delivery for $184.85 or pay for the delivery and save yourself one cent!  :D  What a joke!

Now, the above was one seller advertising the same product,in the same page, making it very easy to see the lie.

The next one is another popular one, where a seller advertise free delivery of a product, that you can also buy directly from China, like he does/did, and just eliminating the middle man..

Here you can see the product is free delivery from Hong Kong.. Possibly the original supplier..

The exact same product is now free delivery but from Sydney for an extra $11,09. You got to be wary of those ones, because the delivery date could be also a lie. It does happen very often that he just buy the item the same day you ordered it directly from the supplier above. Therefore the accurate delivery time would be the one advertised in the original supplier, not the seller..

You may have also notice the little line below the main price where it says: “Pay only $###.##[show me how]. If you click on it it will display a coupon code that will allow you to get a discount on that particular product or on the total cost. But is it really true? Do you really believe you are getting a great deal?

Here we have an electronic product:

You can see that, below the bullshit RRP price, it sell for $113.26 dollars. You then have off course to add the delivery cost. In my case it was another $15.85 for a combine total of $129.11 dollars.

This below is the same item on Ebay:

Ok. It sell for $161.97 with “Free Delivery” 😉. Now you can also see at the bottom it says that you could pay $129.58 for this product. So you click on it and it shows you the code that will allow you to receive that “great discount” 😉

How can it be, that you are getting a huge discount of $32.39 dollars, and yet, you have just paid an extra $.47 cents? I have personally fell for this trap several times, mainly because that extra $.47 cents I paid (normally few extra dollars), does allow me to have two insurance instead of just one, in case something goes wrong with the purchase. I have both Ebay and Paypal to back me up (they are the same company anyway).

But it ain’t either a free delivery or a discount. It is just a bad joke.. 🙄

There are hundreds of similar listing on Ebay and it is a pity that Ebay blindly pretend is not happening.. It is also important to remember that, the “Free Delivery” lie, doesn’t just happen on Ebay. If you take your time to compare different on-line store items, it doesn’t take long to see that this is a widespread serious problem..

The examples above, are however very mild and not bad enough to ruin your day. But I have seeing listing where their advertised price is sometimes up to 3 or 4 times the average price. Get one of those deal, and you will feel the pain in your stomach, when a couple of days after you did your purchase, you see the same product for a fraction of the cost!

Buyer Beware as usual..