Last year I did purchase the Dometic RPD 218 refrigerator and since this week the construction of the kitchen has began, the first job was to set the fridge in the right spot and get the feeling for it..

Now I wouldn’t have noticed any of this, if it wasn’t for the fact that the fridge did open to the left, while I actually need it to open to the right.

Before I proceed with sharing my discovery, I better show the few places that do sell this fridge and their listed Description..

First is My Generator, the place where I bought it..

If you scroll down the page you can see under Product material in the description:

door exterior is finished with a 3mm laminated decor panel with plastic trim. The interior liner is made with high impact polystyrene.

Now this was changed today after I left a review there (that I guess it won’t be published now),. stating the fact that there is no metal sheet in either the door or the side. Originally they had:

Sheet Steel body and doors, with a high impact polystyrene interior liner

Few other Store are still advertising this fridge as made of steel:

AwardRV  price is also confusing as the $2399.00 seem the price everybody else are selling for, so I really don’t know where that RRP was taken from..

CaravanRVcamping also still has the original description. The thing is that in the Dometic website there is no mentioning of what material the fridge is made of, so my educated guess would be that those sites mentioned above, do copy from each other for their products description. It does save a lot of time, when you are first setting up an online shop, but as you can see, it can lead to serious problems and misleading customer into believing something that is not true.

So, this morning after following the instruction on how to convert the doors from left to right, I eventually had to remove one of the plastic frame that hold the front panel. That’s when I discover that the panel is not made of steel sheet as advertised where I purchase it, but merely of a 3mm laminated MDF sheet.

Now that was disappointing considering the cost of this fridge. However, we must remember that this fridge is designed to fit in an RV and therefore saving weight was probably part of the equation. The side of the fridge are not made of steel sheet either, but are made of polystyrene covered in aluminium foil. Now that’s the standard for enclosed fridge, as you never get to see the side of it anyway..

A good point about this is that it only takes about $40.00 to change the look of this fridge to anything we want. You have acrylics and composite panel in 3mm that do come in 100 of colours, or theme. So, while disappointed about the material supplied with the fridge (if MDF gets wet does expand and it destroy itself), I like the fact that I can change it to what ever I like..

Lastly the plastic handles do feel cheap to the touch and don’t seem to be either strong or made to last. Again, they do follow the weight theory but now I’m thinking this fridge should not cost more than $1000 dollars, considering the material used in its construction.

Beside all this, it seem a really good fridge. The hinges are steel (thanks God 😀) and the electronic board was moved from the bottom (in the previous model) to the top of the fridge where it does make more sense.

The inside of the fridge is simple but practical. It has metal shelves with front riser to stop products moving and adjustable plastic shelves in both doors.

The power consumption is very good for such fridge size and it does offer 12/24 and 240 Volts connection.