We have all heard them before in one form or another..

All publicity is good

There is no such thing as bad publicity

No publicity is bad publicity

But the truth is that most of these sentences were coined more than 100 years ago, when you guess it, there was no much as media going around more than newspaper and few radios..

These day however, things are different.. We have so much social media going around that has virtually become impossible even to simply crack a fart without the chance of a picture (or even better, a video) popping out somewhere, followed by few hundreds reply..

Yes, that’s the world we live in now, and in these days, bad publicity, unless is also funny and/or sarcastic, doesn’t really help your company, especially when your company is constantly hit by negative feedback and/or reviews.

Reviews , like social media, are also becoming more and more widely used and accepted by both parties, customers and company, to improved the relation and provide a better service. In the beginning of Internet, the other common ‘saying’ around reviews and forums was, that only people with bad experience, used to bother to write or comment their experience on-line and therefore they were just the minority.

Well, while that may/could be true, it doesn’t change the fact that your company has receive a bad review. Then we also need to keep in consideration that the person writing the review, he/she may not telling the truth or the truth has somewhat being distorted.

Again, the fact that your customers are taking the time to review your company or service is still an indication that a particular event (good or bad) has actually occurred.

Finally we have the ‘fake’ reviews, the one pushed by the company managers, the employees or even friends of the employees, asked to lie and put down a good review to stop the bleeding.. Normally, these ‘reviews’ are very easy to detect, as they don’t really say anything or have any attempt to tell us why the wrote the review. You can safely assume that a review of two three words, with good or great in it, is a fake! If at positive review is real, it normally tend to contain at least one reason for such review.

Now to the point of this blog.

Few months ago a good neighbour of mine did have a bad experience with CouriesPlease and it happen to mention it in one of those ‘while waiting in line conversations’ and in my mind, while he was expressing his disgust for the way his paid delivery had being treated by this company, I couldn’t help to think that perhaps he was making the story bigger that it was, sort of, trying to make people laugh while telling a true story..

Can CouriersPlease, really make your parcel disappear?.. Forever??..   Apparently yes!

They can, and judging by the huge amount of reviews mentioning this fact alone, it does happen quite often, possibly too often, to the extent to warrant the question if it is simply bad luck or deliberate.

After my personal experience two weeks ago, I can now confirm that it is deliberate! This company is in such a mess that, because of the lack of real leadership, anyone can and will tell you whatever they like and do as they ‘Please’ (no pun intended), as there is no reprimand action that can possibly follow their compete lack of service.

My neighbour was simply right! Even my packages has now disappear into thin air..

He wasn’t lying or exaggerate his personal experience. I feel kind of silly now, because I know only too well, that country folks do tend to simply tell it how it is.

So, my package was last seeing in Brisbane a month ago, as per CouriersPlease record. Two days later (still last month) a new record appeared:

item has been transferred to Agent REGIONAL AGENT

Then blank.. No more info what so ever. I wasn’t aware of any of this. Well, how could I? The only written document I had was an email from the sender that confirmed that he had sent it using CouriersPlease, and a tracking number that did not work at the time.

I was still stupidly waiting for my delivery at the door, wondering why it was taking so long for a delivery that normally only takes a week, when I decided to try the tracking number again.

Then and only then was when I managed to find out that three weeks earlier my package was last seen in Brisbane and then transfer to an “agent Regional Agent” what ever that may be.

So I manage to find a phone number to call and after 38 minutes of great music played full volume, I guess purposely designed  to exasperate the customer to the point of hanging up, a very feeble Asian voice, (or perhaps I was going deaf from the 38 minutes of disgusting choice of music) finally answered my call..

Oh yes, we have all being transfer to an overseas call centre before, and we already know that things can only get worse from there, as there is no a single chance that a proper communication will occur.. Still, I managed to ask why had my package being there for three weeks and his reply is that he doesn’t know.. so he put me on hold while trying to find out.

Another 9 minutes but this time of classic music (I can see what they are doing now), classic will keep me calm and relaxed..  :D

He gets back on the phone and very happily shouts ” your plackage has bleen tramper to a rebional agnt”!

Now that’s not so bad… I just waisted nearly an hour of my life just to find out something I told him at the beginning of the conversation. I guess he missed the word “why”. Very gently I ask if he has also find out why? But he simply reply that he doesn’t know why. So, because I don’t have a gun and he’s not standing in front of me, I give him my details including my phone and gently ask him to be called back once they found out what has happen.

Now here is the part that really stink about this company. Is not the failed delivery or even the overseas Chinglish person that was allowed, completely untrained to answer my call. No.. They just never attempt to notify me that there was a problem with my delivery. Well, how could they? They didn’t know either, apparently..

After three days I get an email from CouriersPlease ‘customer care’

Thank you for your patience.

Our agents had advised on the 1st of March that they do not service ‘your town’ and requested for a contact number for yourself to confirm a drop off point or collection from their depot however because our agent can only hold the freight for 5 business days before the return the goods, we will need to confirm the location of your parcel first.

So we may assist you further, are you able to provide a brief description of your parcel.

We do apologise for the inconveniences this has caused.

Thank you.

Oh yes, she also signed with “Customer Experience Champion”..  I nearly fell of my chair..

Now we already know there are at least 2 lies in this email and 4 discrepancies!

Because of my neighbour previous experience I already knew, that it was not from the 1st of March that my town had being eliminated from their “lack of service”.

While I had already given my phone number three days earlier, I don’t really understand ‘for a contact number for yourself’ but we can’t be picky right now and misspelling are allowed. If the agent can only hold the freight for 5 business days, why he has hold it for over three weeks (as per their website)?

“we will need to confirm the location of your parcel first” Oh boy.. that coming from a courier, never sound good.

Then, finally, the cherry on the cake. “So we may assist you further, are you able to provide a brief description of your parcel”

I’m not sure if she’s asking me to describe the content or the shape of the package that I never saw in my life, but that only makes me wonder what has happen to the sticker with my name, address and consignment number that all transport company worldwide DO use for tracking parcels.. By her email, I can only presume that CouriersPlease use a standard of their own based perhaps on what a package look or sound when dropped on the ground and not on the label with clear details printed on for a prompt delivery..

After another week of nothing I decide to call them again and asked to personally speak to the “Regional Agent” , because, by the records, he was the last person handling my package. Her reply was that she can’t because she doesn’t know who the agent was, but to wait until he would calls me back to arrange for a drop off.. Now this is the same agent that has previously confirmed that from the 1st of May my town was not serviced any longer.. Right?

I have finally reached a dead end! This was the last lie I was prepare to take. She didn’t know who he/she was but she did know for sure that they would have call me back.

And yet it hasn’t happen in a week and based on my neighbour experience, I can also tell you that it will NEVER HAPPEN!

The package has gone… disappeared.. to a “regional agent” that will possibly have a very fat Christmas with lots of “lost free present” under the tree thanks to CouriersPlease and Australian generosity!

Now I would like to conclude this blog with links to those famous company that collects reviews from us, the consumer. Do as you wish with it, but remember that you could be the next, to witnessing another CouriersPlease magic trick. No matter what size or weight your box is. They will make it disappear!  ;)




It goes without saying that CouriersPlease did pick Trustpilot as their banner on their page. After all they still have a 60% positive reviews there.. But for how long??