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It’s really a shame, when large petrol companies are constantly dishonest towards the consumers, in every possible way..

Here in Australia, we pride our self of being a smart Country, but the truth is somewhat different.. For the past 10-15 years it has become easier and easier to tell when school holidays are on by just watching fuel prices. Yesterday (Thursday) $1.25, today (Friday before school holiday begins) $1.54. 😀  How can I say, of being smart, when we constantly allow these companies, this kind of continuous dishonest conduct. The lucky Country… yes, but not for its citizens, it seems..

To add insult to the injuries, we also have company constantly pushing the consumer towards bad choices of fuels, like E10 (worse KPL fuel) and lately by this:

It asks: “How much do you love your car?“. Then it bluntly suggests that the more love you have, the higher the octane it should be.

I guess after these many years of prices gouging, they know by now, that the clever bunch are not really the sharpest tools in the workshop.

But to be sure that you really see the difference, they also use gold for 98, silver for 95 and just plain white (surprisingly not bronze) for 91.

There is also a small picture to the right, with no written explanation of what it really represents, with one yellow cylinder for the 91, yellow and red for 95 and yellow orange and red for 98.

There is also a very, very small print at the bottom stating:

Before using any fuel in marine craft, ultralight aircraft or other equipment, consult the manufacturer.

Interesting enough, they ask you to trust your love and their colour chart for your car fuel, but quickly cover their own asses in case of a boat or a flying engine..

That statement alone should ring the bells as, how come that you can’t trust your love for your boat or ultralight aircraft?! Well it is simply because the first part of the cardboard advertisement is purely crap, and if you damage the engine in your boat or in your ultralight, it could end up in a body search instead of a tow! There are virtually 100’s of sites where everything from RON to Ethanol poor fuel performance and cars engine’s compression ratio are clearly explained, so that the average Joe do know what