The Dometic 320 Series

While waiting for the transmission to show up, and having Phil pushing from behind (we are having a race now), I decided to go ahead and purchase the Toilet..

A brand new Dometic 320 Series in White

Last year we did spend few weeks looking at toilet and see if there was a winner within the massive range of toilet available. In the end we always ended up with the same two brand.. Thedford and Dometic. Both brand seem to have a huge range of seats and control combination, but as Phil suggested, we need it to stick to the brand that does have a good support of dealership and spares here in Australia..

After we looked at the spares availability around here, it seem that Dometic should be the way to go. I had originally set my mark on the Thedford 34429 Acqua Magic

But upon a deeper research we found few people complaining about the fact that:

Here’s the thing – there is no chute to direct the effluent. When I called Thetford they said that’s the way it works gravity straight down. I started thinking about boon-docking and not having the trailer straight and the stuff not going directly down the hole

Also after looking at this model, I realise that I would prefer the pedal out of the way on the side and not on the front of the bowl.

These two reasons, combine with the “spares factor” in favour of the Dometic, made me change my decision in favour of the Dometic 320 Series…

You can read all the specs for this toilet HERE


UPDATE  8/06/17

Bad news.

Upon opening the large box in which the toilet was delivered, I found that a small section of the bottom plastic part of the toilet has chipped away. Not a big deal as it is plastic and easy to glue back, none the less it could have broken a lot more or even break the pedal. The simple reason is that, it seem that the box was not packed for overseas delivery. If you buy one on Ebay as I did, make sure to tell them to pack the box for overseas delivery.

Good News.

I hope someone can confirm this but it also looks like that another big difference between the Thedford and the Dometic is that in the Dometic you don’t need to take the toilet apart to replace the top seal…  😛  That makes it now 3 good reasons…