Welcome to the story of my Motorhome (“Gigi” from now on). I wanted to share all the ups & downs of this amazing adventure that I embarked few month ago. There is so much to do and so much to document that I’ll seriously try to stick to the point as much as possible.

I just would like to thanks my family & some amazing friends for helping and supporting me along the way…

After looking around Australia wide for the past 3 months, my choice came down between an Austral Tourmaster and a Denning Highdeck, and in the end the Austral won my decision based on the choices I had in my priority list.

The priority list was based as follow:

I wanted a high driver position seat
Much easier to drive when you can see past the vehicle in front of you.

I wanted a single side door
I think a middle door does take more room away both above and on the bin space

I wanted a straight floor with no toilet at the back
I want a real bathroom not a cubical

I wanted only two front windscreen
Two glass are cheaper than four to replace

I wanted an engine powerful enough to take care of the Motorhome fully load
250hp are simply not enough for 22000kg

I wanted the fuel tank at the back as well as the AC
Full fuel tank on the front axle does change coach handling a lot, plus I will have to install a water tank

I wanted a three axle coach
Nothing to do with more carrying capacity. It just handle side wind much much better than two axles because of the extra bags

I wanted a clean unit with no too many modifications
I didn’t want to have to remove too much stuff as I wanted a clean canvas to start this project

In all honesty, The Austral did tick all the boxes and so it came to pass that this past weekend I took possession of my new home on wheels.