Useful Info

Useful Info

This new version of il Mozzo Bazaar has given us more power to better serve our customers. Most menus have changed and plenty of new features where added, while some other one were removed. We hope you will take full advantage and find your stay more enjoyable.

Home Page

The home page is now divided into three main sections. Top section is the banner for advertising all the best deals. Then you have the middle section including: Lates products, Best seller, Specials, Most viewed and a random pick. Finally in the bottom section you have:Recently viewed (by you), Today Specials (specials that are available only for one day and at a great price),Featured and View All Offer  (any product that has a discount attached will show in here).

Super Filter

The super filter is another great innovation that it allows you to achieve great search results, based on more option that you can possibly ever need. It is available in Category page and Specials page.

Product Page

The product page is completely new and it has some great new features.
Not much point in describing all the new feature here. Best thing is to pick a product and see it for yourself. Depending on the product, each page will show you different options, links and menu tabs.
You also have the option by clicking on the icon in the middle of the picture to see a pop up quick view of the product itself with some of the important details.

Best way to search for a product

The most direct way to search for a product is off course by starting to type the name in the search box right next to the shop name. Remember that you don't actually need to type the exact name of the product you are after, you could search for what the product does or by who is made from as the search engine will look under every entry for each particular product. Or you can also just click on the magnify lens and it will take you to the search page where you can refine your search even further. You can also search or filter a particular attribute of a product by using the new Super Filter. Colour, Size, Brand, Price, Tag are just a few of the options available...

Product Enquiry

The new product enquiry popup, available in every product page, is there to make sure that you have full understanding of the quality, performance and state of the product you are viewing. Ask as many question as you want, as in the end, it could save money to both party....


All the info regarding type and rules for the Auction can be found in the footer, under (you guess it) Extra / Auction.

Product Search

Another service provide by il Mozzo Bazaar. If you are having problem finding a product you are looking for, just click on Product Search in the footer and fill the enquiry box with as many information as you can regarding the product. Then we'll do our best to see if we can locate it anywhere in the world for you with different searching techniques and in different languages.

Product Rating

In 2016 we adopted a new system of Rating our Products. Read more about in the Blog