Make an Offer

Make An Offer

To add the atmosphere of the real Bazaar, we felt the need to allow some bargaining price between vendors and buyers. 

Therefore, some of our products from time to time will display this label   on the top of the product picture and the Tab  in the product page will be available.

This normally happen when the seller of that particular product decide to take offers for the product they are selling.

When you click on the button, a popup window will allow you to make your offer. You only need to enter your offer in the text window as the product details are already attached to the popup.

What happen then is, we pass the offer to the vendor and he/she decide if take the offer or make a counteroffer. If the vendor does make a counteroffer we then pass it back to you and so forth...

If and once a price agreement has been reached, you will be issued with a coupon that will allows you to purchase the product at the agreed price.

Please keep in mind that while you are bargaining for a better price, like in a real market, that does not stop the product from being sold to another customer, and if it is/was the last one, you will miss out.


Make An Offer Coupon are only valid for a period of 7 days from the issued date.

Neither the Vendor or the buyer are bound to the offer they make or receive!

The vendor can simply disregard the offer he/she receive, in the same way the buyer can disregard the counteroffer he/she receive.

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