Layby Purchase

il Mozzo Bazaar Layby Agreement

1. General

Some products on this site do come with the optional payment known as "Layby"

When you purchase a product using the Layby scheme you are required to make a payment "1st Payment" that does amount to a percentage of the total cost of the product plus a percentage of the freight cost. You are then required to make the further payments to complete the purchase at later date, and it can be either weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly, depending on the Layby available/chosen, before the product is delivered to you.

2. Placing an Order

You place a Layby order by selecting the Layby option available at the checkout. Some product may have more than one Layby option available to you. Once you have chosen the desired Layby option, you are then taken to Paypal where a detailed payment description will be presented to you.

3. Making a Layby payment

Once at the Paypal page where you are presented with the Layby payment description, you then just make the payment the usual way with the only difference that in this case the payment it is called "1st Payment". You are then required to make the next payment using Paypal by the next due date of the next Payment. Once all payments have been made, Paypal will notify us of the last payment been made in which case, your purchase will then be delivered to you.

4. Cancelling a Layby Purchase

You are allowed to cancel a Layby purchase at any time before the last payment or the product has been delivered to you. There are no cost involved on our part in cancelling a Layby order other than whatever fee Paypal do charge us for the handling of your payment. It is not a penalty fee as such, but merely what Paypal normally does charge for handling payments.

5. Ownership of the product

Like any other purchase on il Mozzo Bazaar, you have no right of ownership over the product, until the product is paid in full! If the product is sold while you are making payments and/or we run out of stock, we will refund you the full amount paid by you at that time and cover the cost of Paypal to return your payment/s if any transfer fees are involved.

6. Acknowledgement

You acknowledge that by using il Mozzo Bazaar Layby, you have read and understood il Mozzo Bazaar Layby Agreement.