bazaar is a permanently enclosed marketplace or street where goods and services are exchanged or sold. Late 16th century: from Italian bazarro, from Turkish, from Persian bāzār ‘market’

The English definitions:
  • a large shop selling miscellaneous goods
  • a marketplace
  • a market consisting of rows of shops or stalls selling miscellaneous goods
  • a place for the sale of goods

We couldn't find a better word to describe exactly what we are doing here. Why reinvent the wheel?

Like the real Bazaar, we do tend to sell pretty much anything that can be sold..

New, Second Hand and Handmade product are all available and from time to time you may also find a "one of a kind" collector item. From a City Council bus to an old Egyptian plate..

Because of the way we operate, Vendors do have unlimited possibilities of selling pretty much anything they wish, so size or location is never a problem.

No you don't. You can make a purchase as a 'guest' user and we won't create an account for you. However we've designed our site to give registered customers a faster, simpler checkout process by remembering their details, as well as a bunch of other features such as full order history, order tracking, address book, Daily Specials, Rewards & Auctions - Your choice... really.


Social logins such as Facebook, Paypal, Twitter... DO NOT create an account for you. As the name imply, they only let you login without having to type name or address, but that's all they do.

We welcome you to use your social login to make a purchase, but remember that it is the same as a Guest purchase


We don't like the idea of holding people important personal detail on our server (as we have no real control of such data). 

We offer Paypal Express for both local (AUS) and international purchases. Therefore all major card can be used...  Australian customer have also the choice of Direct Debit

More information can be found under Payment Methods

All the information regarding delivery availability and delivery times can be found under Delivery Informations

Sure you can. You have up to 45 minutes to cancel your order from the time it was placed.

Since our ultimate goal is to ship out customers orders as quickly as possible, there is only a small window of time when your order can be canceled. To view your orders that can be canceled, just log into your account, select "Your Order" then click on view the order you wish to cancel. When the new page open you should see a red button "Cancel Order" in the top part of the screen.

Please allow 24 hours for your full refund

The easiest way to make changes to your order is to cancel such order,  (within 45 minutes), and place a new order...

Sorry...  We no longer offer Gift Wrapping to our customers as a service
No, we are afraid that's no possible. Most of the times a product is supplied in quantity of one. Once that's sold, that's it, we are Sold Out..


Because of the way we operate, the majority of our product (especially the Second hand ones) are normally listed in quantity of One.

When you are in the actual product page you can see the actual quantity next to Availability

If it says "Only 1 Left", that's exactly how many we have in stock. We don't allow purchases to go through if we have no stock left, so you need no to worry about purchasing a product that it is actually out of stock.

We get this question quite often but because the stock quantities are updated in real time, we never had a single problem since the first day we opened.

The most direct way to search for a product is off course by starting to type the name in the search box right next to the shop name.

Remember that you don't actually need to type the exact name of the product you are after, you could search for what the product does or by who is made from as the search engine will look under every entry for each particular product.

Or you can also just click on the magnify lens and it will take you to the search page where you can refine your search even further.

You can also search or filter a particular attribute of a product by using the new Super Filter. Colour, Size, Brand, Price, Tag are just a few of the options available...

Since the beginning of 2016 we introduced a visual product rating. All the product sold have a product rating in the description. Then in the product specification you will also find ulterior information regarding the rating.

Please note that this is our product rating and not to be confused with the customer review ratings. Finally we always welcome your enquiries as we want you to purchase with confidence.

For more info, please visit our Blog...

As the name implies, we are operating like a Bazaar, therefore, the majority of our product listed are second hand and mostly supplied to us in single quantity..

Once they are gone, we have no way of restocking the same item, unless another vendor does provide us with the same item..

That's also why we keep the Sold Out items listed for 2 years, just in case they may resurface and get offered for sale again..

Some of new product however, do get the Out of Stock label as we tend to continue to sell those products the soon they become available again


There are few ways for you to find out the delivery cost before actually finalising a purchase:

In every product page, you will find a simple Shipping Estimator. Just enter your Country, your Region/State and a postcode and the estimator will give you a real time accurate cost for your delivery.

In the Cart page we also have the Delivery and Taxes Estimator. If you are happy with the delivery cost, you can then confirm your delivery choice in both estimators. You can always change your mind, as in the checkout you will have the final option to choose a delivery method

To find out more about our delivery system visit our Delivery Information

We will send you an email when your order has been despatched. If you have chosen a delivery with tracking, within this email you will receive a tracking number that allows you to follow the progress of your delivery via the Auspost tracking site

Sure we do! There are however some restrictions and prohibitions possibly due to the nature of the product (Hazards), the destination country and the courier policies.

Please visit Austpost and select your country to view the restrictions and prohibitions.

Some products are just too big and bulky, to justify the delivery cost. In those instances, we do offer free Pick Up and if the item/s is/are not stored with us, the Vendor address could be the Pick Up location or an arranged convenient alternative location, agreed between the buyer and the seller.. There is always plenty of flexibility in those situations..

All product that do have this option available are clearly marked so, and the option do also show up in the cart page.