Coupons and Reward Points

Coupons Gift Vouchers and Reward Points

While having discounted items in stock (special) and Daily Special, Il Mozzo Bazaar does also offer to Our Customers Coupons, Gift Vouchers and for the registered Member, Reward points Scheme.

  • Coupons: are available in two format: Fix amount & Percentage amount. They can also be issued with a use once code, unlimited use code or with an expire date code. If the coupon is a Generic one, it can be used by anyone that knows the code without even the need to register or log-on. If the Coupon is a Personal one, then only that individual can use it, and only if logged-on.

  • Gift Voucher: are available in various value ($25.00 to $1,500.00) and themes (Christmas, Birthdays, Gift, Anniversary.....) They are exclusively for Personal use only. So you must be registered to use them.When you purchase them, You can also attach a personal note with it, so that it does make it a nice gift. Click HERE to purchase a Gift Voucher now.


  • Reward Point Scheme: Il Mozzo Bazaar does use a Reward Point Scheme that is exactly the same as your Reward Card or Fly By that you use when you do your shopping. The only difference here is that: firstly you don't need to swipe the card when shopping on-line and secondly You must be registered for the points to be allocated to your account. To all effects reward points are just like cash; You just don't get to see it, but they slowly accumulate as you do your shopping and eventually allows you to buy products by using just the points. You can also give your points to another Customer (as long as he/she, is also a member). The best part of the reward points on-line is that you, the customer, need to do absolutely nothing and there are no monthly fees or setup fees.


You cannot use reward points to cover shipping cost or exchange your points for cash!

Not all items/products listed on this site have reward Points allocated or can be purchased with points. There are also special conditions for reward point when a product is sold under Auction. You can read more about it under Extra /  Auctions. Finally there are some automatic rewards that do apply to the following:

  • 200 Points bonus are awarded upon opening an account with Il Mozzo Bazaar.
  • 250 Points bonus are awarded upon registering for the newsletter.

Il Mozzo's Team