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New Product Rating


At the start of this year we decided to adopt a better system to rate all our second hand products. Previously we only differentiate if the product was new or used, followed by a small description.


We have now implemented across the entire shop a standard Rating System from 0 to 10, as 0 being the Worst, to 10 as the Best, that should give our customer a better understanding of the product conditions. You will find the rating displayed in the top left corner of every product description.


This is for example a New product with taxes:


This is a pre-owned product never been used and therefore still new:


This is a used product in excellent conditions:


This is a product that we wouldn't buy, unless it was one of a kind, or desperately need it for parts


We'll still include as much information as we can in the product attribute to ensure that nothing is left out as guess.


How do we rate a product:


When we rate a product, we keep in consideration things like appearance, wear, faults, missing or broken parts... The bottom line is, we tend to judge a product like if we were buying it for ourself! So if we are not completely satisfy in what we see, it will reflect in the product rating, and because, most of the times, we don't own the product, we have no problems in telling it how it is!

We are also more than happy to answer any Enquiry you may have on any product we sell.


Please remember that this rating system has nothing to do with prices or quality; for that we still have the customer review available in every product page tabs.


We are also currently working on a new Product Enquiry system that should help you even more, in making the right purchasing decision.


il Mozzo Team

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